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oh hi there!

Thanks for checking in.

I'm Ellie, I run Inner City Weddings and founded the Indie Wedding Fair™ back in 2015.

I love a good wedding; when it feels good, looks great and has a top atmos. I hate to see people spend a tonne of money on a celebration that lacks soul and character. I love interesting places and spaces, and being able to create and manage each wedding as a little project is a fun way to earn a living.

I believe in the power of independence, and in great weddings, but in even greater marriages and in the capacity and strength of people.

All the images here are of my weddings... but the best place to keep tabs on if you'd like to see what I'm up to is over on Instagram @elinorsoftleyweddings, @innercityweddings and the @indieweddingfair! 



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